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Crochet on the Runway


A contribution to the resurgence of crochet in popularity can be attributed to the runway and the fashion world. Woman’s fashion is taking a stroll through the ultra feminine side of things which makes open work and lace appealing. The above piece was just one crocheted piece I saw in the Manhattan shop of the widely popular Anthropologie!

My favorite piece this season I saw was a filet crochet inspired top that was super feminine and ultra elegant! I saw this at Free People in Manhattan earlier this year however I have not been able to find a picture since but am still on the hunt!

The Vogue Knitting issue of Crochet, elevated the art of crocheting to the world of high fashion. Mari Lynn Patrick, who is a veteran of the industry reinvented the granny square. Who knew a granny square could be so fashion forward! My other favorites were the various jewelry pieces that I can’t wait to start stitching!

What’s your favorite crochet trend on the runways? 5 Comments and a free Chain 2 pattern will be releases and better yet a hint of Chain 2’s phase two will be revealed!!!

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I am a knitter, crocheter and craft enthusiast. I have an etsy shop and am also on twitter @eastendhomearts and dont forget to follow me on pinterest

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