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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Yarn Events June 6-11

Are you looking to fill your weekend with fun filled stitching related events? Here are a list of a bunch. Do you have one to add? Leave a comment to add the event! Thanks everyone and have a chain filled weekend!
June 4-10 Yarn events


June 9, 2012- Argyle Park, Babylon, NY Long Island Knitters Guild Bring a chair, refreshment and can for a local food bank hosted by

Knitty City hosts World Wide Knit in Public Day in Bryant Park

Sunday June 10th, 2012- Bryant Park 2:00-4:00


June 5th 10-12 @WEBS Yarn store in North Hampton MA, Meet Iris Schrier

June 6-10 Rockywold-Deephaven Camps, Holderness, NH Squam Art Workshop Retreat

June 7-10 Fairgrounds at Stanley Park, Estes Park, CO Estes Park Wool Market

June 8-10 Institute of Texan Cultures, San Antonio, TX Texas Folklife Festival

June 8-11 Coast of Maine Maine Knitting Cruise with Bill Huntington

June 9-10 Dallas County Fairgrounds, Adel, IA Iowa Summer Sheep and Wool Festival

June 9-10 Butternut Hill Campground, Bouckville, NY Central New York Fiber Artists & Producers Annual Showcase: From Animals to Art

World Wide Knit in Public Day Find an event in your area

A Crocheters hands need Bees Needs

Stitchers are always on a quest for hand lotion. Every dedicated stitcher deals with dry cracked hands. But is not everyday that you find the perfect hand salve. This past weekend on a trip out to the East End of Long Island, I did just that. My husband, daughter and I traveled to the Sag Harbor Farmers Market in Sag Harbor, NY and found Bees Needs and their Bees Needs Hand Salve.

The Bees’ Needs is a Community Supported Apiculture where people can preorder their honey for the year. The also sell Lip Balm and Hand Salve handmade from their own beeswax by Mary’s husband.

So what makes this salve so great? For me it was the fact that it is all natural and while it was thick it wasn’t super greasy at all! I personally am not a fan of salves that leave my hands as greasy as a oil slick. And even better then that the scent is just mildly lavender in nature. It is sweet and pleasant and not over powering! It is affordable priced at ten dollars a tin.
It is a great addition to any project bag!

Would you like some Bees’ Needs Hand Salve. Contact Mary G. Woltz head beekeeper at 631-702-5657. Her email address is



Top yarns to crochet with over the Summer

So it’s summer what should I stitch with? Here are my top choices!
1) Green Mountain Spinnery’s Sylvan Spirit:
It is a great yarn that is composed of Tencel and wool. For those of you who do not know what Tencel is , it’s actually made of tree pulp. How cool is that? It is a breathable yarn that feels great on your hands and keeps you nice and cool when you wear it. It was featured in the spring issue of Interweave Knits and will be a yarn used in our first issue of a digital crochet magazine Chain Two. Keep in eye on for more details.
2) Cotton-
Ok this one is a tie. Green Mountain Spinnerys cotton comfort or Brown Sheeps Cotton Fleece. Cotton comfort is 80% wool and 20% cotton. It’s got a great feel while crocheting and again it’s super Eco friendly. Browns sheep cotton fleece is 80% cotton and 20% wool. It comes in a great array of colors. Both will be featured in Chain Two’s first issue as well.

Summer Crocheting

It’s that time of year when most crocheters but their hooks aside and replace them with other crafts and summer time activities but I’m here to say that you don’t have to and that in fact the summer is the perfect time to stitch.
So why stitch in the summer?
1) Great to do in your spare time!
I love stitching poolside, by the beach, at the park or my favorite in the Ac at home while watching a movie.
2) Get a head start on your gift list.
How many of us are up late stitching close to the holidays? I know I am get a head start now and get that throw for your daughter finished.
3)So many great warm weather fibers to fall in love with.
I love cotton. It’s soft, strong and versatile. I love to make warm weather tank tops as well as market bags and clutches.


Crochet Basics- Making a Slip Knot

  1. Make a loop with yarn
  2. Make another loop and put it behind the other so that it makes a pretzel.
  3. Pull on the bottom crossed part of the pretzel to form a loop
  4. Insert hook into loop
  5. Put loop around hook and pull on two pieces of yarn to secure it on your hook