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A Crocheters hands need Bees Needs

Stitchers are always on a quest for hand lotion. Every dedicated stitcher deals with dry cracked hands. But is not everyday that you find the perfect hand salve. This past weekend on a trip out to the East End of Long Island, I did just that. My husband, daughter and I traveled to the Sag Harbor Farmers Market in Sag Harbor, NY and found Bees Needs and their Bees Needs Hand Salve.

The Bees’ Needs is a Community Supported Apiculture where people can preorder their honey for the year. The also sell Lip Balm and Hand Salve handmade from their own beeswax by Mary’s husband.

So what makes this salve so great? For me it was the fact that it is all natural and while it was thick it wasn’t super greasy at all! I personally am not a fan of salves that leave my hands as greasy as a oil slick. And even better then that the scent is just mildly lavender in nature. It is sweet and pleasant and not over powering! It is affordable priced at ten dollars a tin.
It is a great addition to any project bag!

Would you like some Bees’ Needs Hand Salve. Contact Mary G. Woltz head beekeeper at 631-702-5657. Her email address is



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