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Crochet Friendly Yarn Shops

Qualities of a Crochet Friendly Local Yarn Shop

          As a crocheter, it is sometimes hard to find a yarn shop that meets all our unique needs. I am not sure about you but I have gone into countless yarn shops looking for that special hook like a 4.25mm hook or a great decorative crochet hook only to find that LYS X does not carry them and they actually do not even carry crochet patterns. I know that may seem silly to you with the reintroduction of crochet but it is a pervasive problem. As Creative Director of Chain Two, I set on a quest to find stores that are crochet friendly that I could give the CH2 stamp of approval.

So what qualities must a great yarn shop possess?

  1. Great Staff:
    1. Friendly

A warm smile, a sweet greeting and an unspoken invitation to participate in the shop they work in.

  1. Competent

Well versed in different techniques as well as a great resource to help lead you to the information if they can’t directly help you.

  1. Willingness to help

I love it when I am having a tough time deciding on a yarn to work with or am looking for something specific and a member of the staff can easily point me in the right direction.

d.  Social Media Presence

I love reading about what is going on at my local yarn

It not only is interesting but engages me in a relationship.

  1. Great Selection
    1. Great range of fibers from cotton to wool and everything in between
    2. Carries yarn that is appropriate for all seasons
    3. Good range of prices so that all budgets can comfortably shop there
    4. Books- Enough said! I cannot get enough information.
  2. Classes

NOTE: This is tough especially in the wonderful world of crochet but it is very important.

  1. Ability to teach the beginner to the advanced
  2. Variety in techniques: Tunisian crochet, broomstick lace, entrelac, cables, filet crochet, color work etc…
  3. Dedication to the Hook
    1. Involvement in community stitching projects such as a charity project, guilds etc.
    2. Involvement in online stitching communities such as Ravelry
    3. Attendance at TNNA or TKGA or CGOA conferences
  4. Pattern Assistance
    1. Do they have a specific time I can come in and ask for help on a certain pattern?
    2. Ability to give quality advice
    3. Ability to direct to me to a pattern that is appropriate to the level of my stitching!

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