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Farmer’s Market Crochet

As a lover of all things handmade and locally grown. One of my favorite Summer pastimes is going to my local farmer’s market or the local one to where I am visiting and I check out all the samples and usually bring home a bountiful bag of produce. As I started frequenting these markets I noticed stunningly beautiful utilitarian bags….some call them Market Bags, I call them awesome works of art. What a history they tell of people and their community and the handmade items that make a community truly a community.

As part of our Summer issue, we have put together a collection of two market bags ( there is one more coming), a capelet to flaunt while you shop and two count them two amazing clutches to hold all your stuff while you shop! I hope you enjoy stitching them as much as you do. We would love to know what is your favorite farmer’s market. Mine is probably either the one in Richmond, VT on Friday nights or Stowe, VT on Sundays.

Peace, love,farms and handmade,


Creative Director, Suzy Allen Designs and Editor of Chain Two Digital Magazine


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About East End Home Arts

I am a knitter, crocheter and craft enthusiast. I have an etsy shop and am also on twitter @eastendhomearts and dont forget to follow me on pinterest

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