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A Little Something for the Kids at Long Island Fleece and Fiber- a Sheep Craft

This past weekend I took my daughter Caitlyn to the Long Island Fleece and Fiber Festival on the gorgeous East End of Long Island. It was Cait’s first fiber festival and a great starter for her as it was extremely kid friendly. After visiting the livestock we headed to the food court tent and was very kindly shown the children’s craft area.

The craft was a sheep that could stand up on it’s own! Sweet perfect for my little girl that just enjoyed playing with the sheep.

We were given our materials and Cait went to town.

Here is how to do it at your house:
1) Make a sheep template or go to your local craft shop and by a sheep die cut.
2) Gather up glue, googly eyes ( the ones at the fair were self adhesive), clothes pins, markers and cotton balls!
3) Color the clothes pins to be used as the legs and attach them to sheep template. Attach eyes were appropriate.
4) Depending on the age of the child, assist them or have them put on glue to the sheep body
5) Fluff the cotton balls and place on sheeps body.

Repeat steps 1-5 on the other side. Enjoy!