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Yike’s Stripes- Striping 101- Changing Colors in Crochet Tutorial

Oh no, the pattern you were looking for is perfect just one problem it has stripes. No worries changing colors in crochet is easier than you think. Just read our following tutorial and then get your stripe on !

Color Change 101: Simple Stripes
How to Change colors:
1) Twist yarn B (color changing to) with yarn A in a clockwise manner direction
2) At the end of the row before your color change, on the last stitch set up your stitch so that 2 lps remain on the hook
3) Pull up your new color through 2 lps on hook

Looking for a great pattern to try this on… Make the Harvard Laptop Cozy or Yale Varsity Cowl to practice this technique!

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Yale Varsity Cowl

I swatched, now what?

The dreaded words every crocheter hates…gauge and swatch! Yup 5 letter words that make us cringe! Let’s put down our fear and learn to love them…
So really why must I do this?
+ Uniformity of your stitches-
When I start a project, I often notice that the starting couple of rows are tighter than once I get going. If you swatch out your project, yes I do mean all 4 inches or more, you can establish the uniformity in height of your project.
+ Sizing
If you achieve gauge in your gauge swatch it helps you to better predict that you will achieve the specifications of the garment that your designer has so lovingly chosen.
+ Helps to get used to the stitch pattern
I like to swatch to know what I am getting into. Sometimes I love a complex stitch pattern, other times I do not. If I swatch properly I can assess what I am getting into.

Help…my swatch has too many or too few stitches…
1) Don’t panic it happens to all of us
2) Let’s assess the situation
– If you have too many stitches per inch–> Switch to a larger hook
– If you have too few stitches per inch –> switch to a smaller hook
3) Check your pattern to see how important the gauge is…
– Some patterns it is not as crucial, for example if your gauge is close to the pattern it is called for in an item like a scarf, bag or baby blanket its not a huge deal just realize you may need more or less yarn then the pattern calls for
– Gauge is ALWAYS important in a garment. (Can’t blame the pattern writer if your gauge is off)

So now I have all these gauge swatches what do I do with them?
In Lily Chin’s Crochet Tips and Tricks book, she suggests to
1) Start a crochet scrapbook and log what yarn with what hook and what project
2) Give the swatch as the gift if the bigger item isn’t finished yet (Brilliant Lily… now why didn’t I think of that
3) Make something new out of your swatches like a baby blanket, clutch or bag
(My two cents: I really like the idea of making coffee cup cozies and coasters- the summer brings ice coffee and I hate when it drips on my desk)
Some of my ideas
4) Make them into little doll blankets and or security blankies- My daughter can literally take my yarn swatches and play with them for hours
5) Bring them to your local stitching group so you can brag I mean share about all the cool techniques you are using
6) Frame them and decorate your craft space or studio with them
7) Use them to make a charity project-
Just remember when using them for a charity project please make the color choices cohesive crocheting for charity does not have to be ugly.
8) Make a patchwork scarf and then pin it on pinterest ! lol

What do you do with your swatches?

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Where does your inspiration come from?

Throughout our summer issue of Chain Two, We shared our inspiration for different patterns. For some patterns it was the warm weather and with this heat wave that’s all I can think about (although we are planning our fall issue so…its tough), the beach, and road trips.

Many of us stitchers, take regular road trips. Some see pretty landscapes and architecture. Suzy Allen our chief Creative Director sees stitch patterns and garments. Check out our fence collection all inspired by fences she has seen while traveling through New England. We hope you enjoy stitching them as she did designing them!

These patterns are great because while the textures are complicated the light airy open work of both patterns are perfect to stitch and wear during the warm summer months.

Happy Stitching in the Summer from all of us here at Chain Two! We would love to hear how you stitch in the summer !

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