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Crochet Quote of the Day

“To live a crochet (creative) life, we must loose our fear of being wrong” Joseph Chilton Pearce


Farmer’s Market Crochet

As a lover of all things handmade and locally grown. One of my favorite Summer pastimes is going to my local farmer’s market or the local one to where I am visiting and I check out all the samples and usually bring home a bountiful bag of produce. As I started frequenting these markets I noticed stunningly beautiful utilitarian bags….some call them Market Bags, I call them awesome works of art. What a history they tell of people and their community and the handmade items that make a community truly a community.

As part of our Summer issue, we have put together a collection of two market bags ( there is one more coming), a capelet to flaunt while you shop and two count them two amazing clutches to hold all your stuff while you shop! I hope you enjoy stitching them as much as you do. We would love to know what is your favorite farmer’s market. Mine is probably either the one in Richmond, VT on Friday nights or Stowe, VT on Sundays.

Peace, love,farms and handmade,


Creative Director, Suzy Allen Designs and Editor of Chain Two Digital Magazine


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What are the qualities of a Crochet Hook that make them FAME-ous

Qualities of a Great Hook

          There are so many crochet hooks the process of selection can be daunting. We have decided that for our first issue to review three of our favorite hooks. We have come up with a little acronym that will assist you in identifying a hook that is sure to meet your project needs!

So here is what makes a hook FAME-ous!

Qualities of the perfect crochet hook:

1-    Feel in hand:

If you pick it up and it feels right it probably is

2-    Ability to grab the yarn

Some hooks pick up the yarn just right with every yarn and technique and some are best used for certain applications

3-    Material

Most hook decisions are made here. Some choose based on affordability others convenience some ethical stances

4-    Ergonomics

This term is defined by the ability of the user to use it with comfort and ease. Whether it grabs the yarn easier so you do not have to pull hard or it has a great grip this is a super important feature.

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This is the Tangerine Crush Cowl from the Summer Issue of Chaintwo! To purchase

Crochet Basics- Making a Slip Knot

  1. Make a loop with yarn
  2. Make another loop and put it behind the other so that it makes a pretzel.
  3. Pull on the bottom crossed part of the pretzel to form a loop
  4. Insert hook into loop
  5. Put loop around hook and pull on two pieces of yarn to secure it on your hook