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How your handmade items can help those hurt by Hurricane Sandy

So what can I do as a knitter or Crocheter to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy you ask?
1) Volunteer
If you live locally the most needs now are for house demo and cleaving but not all of us can do that. You can help organize and distribute supplies out to specific relief areas
2) Cook!
Hot meals that are individually packaged are very much appreciated. If you need to find a place to give them call the local churches, libraries and rotary clubs
3) Stitch!!!
Yup that’s right the answer you’ve been waiting for! Hats, gloves and scarves are in desperate need. While we have lots of clothes these items are missing! You can donate them by sending them to Lion Brand’s Yarn Studio and they will be collected and brought to the World Vision store house to be distributed to areas most in need.

4) Buy patterns!
There are many designers donating the proceeds of some or all of their pattern sales to Hurricane Sandy Relief