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Welcome 2013!

My dear blog readers,
It has been quite sometime since I have written on the blog. I want to thank you all for the support through the end of 2012 which was markedly a tough year for many. Hurricane Sandy came and devastated the northeast and effected me in a very personal way. As many of you know I had the opportunity to help storm victims both directly and indirectly as a knitter/crocheter and designer!

First many designers including myself donated the proceeds of patterns to Hurricane Relief. The update from us is that over $100.00 has been raised with more coming in as we will wrap up our last fundraiser pattern at Fiber Space in Alexandria, VA President’s day weekend!

Also we partnered with Lion Brand Yarn with the help of Jack Blumenthal and Patty Lyons to host a Hurricane Sandy Stitch in at the gorgeous Lion Brand Yarn Studio. Thank you so much for everything they did. Not only did they host this lovely evening, they provided all stitchers with gorgeous yarns that work up fast to complete projects that were donated to World Vision. Thank you Lion Brand for not only what you did that day but what you do everyday for Stitchers around the world. They are truly are an amazing family based, customer friendly, American based company!

Lastly, the Hurricane Sandy Relief group on Ravelry came together to donate many many many hats, scarves, mittens, slippers and blankets from around the World. Thank you so much to our stitchers in Arizona, South Carolina, England, California, Maryland and so much more.Your out pouring of love through stitching is just amazing.

As 2012 came to a close, the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, changed the way a lot of us view life. As this wonderful little town is just miles from where my family in CT lives, I spent most of December 14th calling and making sure my family members were safe from such a disturbed person. My friend from college is a third grade teacher at the school and luckily was unharmed and so were her students.

As 2013, came closer I welcomed the idea of a fresh start with open arms. Out with the old and in with the new. New beginnings for a lot of my friends and families.

So wont you welcome 2013, with me! To a great year filled with stitches!


(Reli)ef Bear

Since the end of Superstorm Sandy,we at Chain Two have been diligently trying to see how we as the stitching community can use our passion for good!

Many have donated the proceeds from their pattern sales, others took to the needles to stitch as fast as they could.

We were lucky enough to help coordinate a stitch in at the gorgeous Lion Brand Yarn Studio in NYC. At the end of the event we had 47 hats, 40 scarves, three shawls, 6 pairs of mittens and 4 blankies!!!! Amazing job everyone. World vision was to pick them up today!!!

So our next step is to make sure that everyone knows that the relief effort is very much still happening and help is still needed!

We have partnered with a hand dyed indie yarn company called the Fiberists ( and designed a knitted bear for children effected by Super storm sandy! Many families are now displaced from their homes while the relief efforts continue. We are using the money raised from the pattern to go to World Vision and if you’d like to make a bear and send it our way we are looking to give them to children effected by Hurricane Sandy!

So what can you do;
1) Buy the pattern at:
2) Make bears and send them out way, email us for the location to send them
3) Volunteer to be a drop off point for bears made in your area
4) Invite us to your guild and we will bring Reli bear patterns so we can get bears to kids!



A NYC Weekend-Ebook Sales from this Pattern Book Go to Hurricane Sandy Relief

Thank you all so much for those who have already purchased some of my patterns for Hurricane Sandy Relief. All proceeds are going to World Vision to help with the relief efforts in the tri-state area!

The offer for the earlier patterns has expired so we have just launched an ebook called A NYC Weekend featuring patterns that would not only be great to donate to those affected by Hurricane Sandy but also great for everyone on your gift list. The yarn used is NY owns Lion Brand Yarn Company.

The ebook includes 9 great patterns and including both knitting and crochet patterns.
Knitting Patterns:
1) Central Park Knitted Cowl
2) Opening Day Baseball Cap
3) White as Snow Scarf
4) Rockefeller Center Ever-Warmer

Crochet Patterns:
1) Central Park Cowl Crochet Version
2) A Walk in the Park Hat
3) Union Square Brim Hat
4) His Brim Hat
5) Weekend Scarf

We hope that you enjoy our new ebook. It is a great way to give to the Hurricane Relief effort. Great to give as a gift to your favorite stitcher this holiday season as well!

All proceeds from the sale of the ebook goes to World Vision for Hurricane Relief until December 1, 2012.

Here is the link to the ebook on Ravelry

We would love to hear more opportunities for stitchers that are giving back for Hurricane Sandy Relief!


Hurricane Sandy Update

Thank you to the many who have helped to raise money for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief in the NY metro area. We are in the process of changing what patterns are being used to raise money for the disaster relief effort.

As for the area itself we are doing better and better everyday but the damage is evident no matter where you drive. Today I was driving through a part of Wyandanch and Wheatley Heights that didn’t seem to have power.

The weather has once again turned cold but the great news is that donations from our Ravelry group keep coming ! We are so blessed to be supported by all the stitchers around the country. Today I received a package from Illinois ! Thank you everyone.

Tomorrow we will be at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio in Manhattan as part of the Stitch in. I will be providing crochet support so I would love to see you there ! Lion Brand Yarn studio will be providing us with the yarn to stitch with and will be offering a 20 % discount off all yarns purchased that day for Charity Purposes. Thank you Lion Brand!

Hurricane Relief Patten fundraiser

As many of you already know I live in one of the hardest hit areas of the recent Hurricane Sandy. I have organized a ravelry group where people can post their sales for Hurricane Relief!

Thanks for your support everybody!

My own personal sale is that I am donating the profits for the next 7 days from the
– Sterling Vest
– Farmer’s Market Capelet
– Montauk Beach bag
– Breckenridge Shawl

Please check it out! Thanks and our prayers are with those hard hit physically and mentally from the storm!

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