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Extra-ordinary Crochet

A while ago I posted a quote that said : “Never love someone that thinks your crochet is ordinary” which was adapted from an Oscar Wilde quote that says “Never love someone who thinks your ordinary”. As I reflected on the original quote I am reminded of those in my life that have supported me in my crochet and knit design process.

The first person who supports me more than anyone is my husband, Mark. He kindly photographs my images (helps to have a photographer for a husband in this business), supports my many a trips to stitch workshops and conferences and even is my designated yarn winder and pom pom maker. It takes an amazing man who is dedicated to his wife to support her in such an endeavor that is both time consuming and energy consuming. Thanks, Mark!

My daughter Caitlyn, who even though she is only three encourages Mommy by picking out the yarn she wants for things she wants me to make. A designer in the making I think so.

The industry’s support for Chain Two and Suzy Allen Designs is incredible as well. Many people along the way have taken the time to help mentor me, teach me and guide me. Some of my faves are Rosemary Drysdale and Carla Scott from Vogue, Maureen Clark and Margaret Atkinson from Green Mountain Spinnery, Angela and Vincent D’Aguanno from Rumplestiltskin Yarns in Stony Brook and Sayville, Ann and Kathleen from The Village Knitter and the team at Kraemer Yarns. The Crochet Guild of America also hosts great professional development days as well.

My peers and customers…. without your hours of support and purchasing of our products we wouldn’t exist. Thanks to all my test crocheters and models Courtney, Rose, Stacie, Katie, Agnes and many others who have helped in so many ways… xoxo

So thanks everyone !

Thanks to my hubby who thinks my crochet is more than ordinary!