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Crochet Soundtrack- The Voice

Tonight as I crocheted, I was serenaded by the wonderful talent on the Voice. My favorite although he didn’t win was Chris Mann! Wow what a voice! It also just happens to be that his mom Judith Mann is a member of the TNNA.

I don’t know about you but I actually frequently stitch to music! After taking a class with the very talented designer Mari Lynn Patrick, I actually now come up with playlists for the things I’m stitching. She stated in class and in an interview with Interweave Press that she listens to music that helps inspire her designs. So why not, I said! Last night while watching The Voice I was designing a capelet perfect for a summer day that has a little country flair. The yarn is one of my favorites Green Mountain Spinnery’s Sylvan Spirit. My normal playlist would have been a little modern country like Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, Miley Cyrus or even a little Dolly Parton (she is a secret favorite of mine!) But the playful selections of last night were perfect and Lady Antebellum was one of the featured artists so it was just perfect!

What’s the soundtrack of your stitching? Tell us your playlist and you will be entered to win a free crochet pattern from my Etsy shop!!!