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Yike’s Stripes- Striping 101- Changing Colors in Crochet Tutorial

Oh no, the pattern you were looking for is perfect just one problem it has stripes. No worries changing colors in crochet is easier than you think. Just read our following tutorial and then get your stripe on !

Color Change 101: Simple Stripes
How to Change colors:
1) Twist yarn B (color changing to) with yarn A in a clockwise manner direction
2) At the end of the row before your color change, on the last stitch set up your stitch so that 2 lps remain on the hook
3) Pull up your new color through 2 lps on hook

Looking for a great pattern to try this on… Make the Harvard Laptop Cozy or Yale Varsity Cowl to practice this technique!

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Yale Varsity Cowl