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Crochet Technique- Working in the Round

Nothing excites me more then sharing the tips and tricks of the craft. One of my favorite segments on the Martha Stewart Show is when she takes the time at the end of the show to share the tips and tricks she shared in the show in one spot. So in this post I wanted to share with you a little bit about working in the round.

Why work in the round?

  • Right side of your work is always facing out
  • Minimizes or Eliminates timely seaming
  • Totally fashionable right now- Cowls are the hottest thing
  • Great way to make other accessories as well such as hats and bags

How do I start working in the round?

1- Working with a couple of chains ( we of course are partial to chaining two), you can either work into the first ch (if your chaining two) or join with a sl st to form the round. When it is this little it is usually called a ring

2- Start a long chain and then use a slip st to join to form the round

3- Use an adjustable ring (will discuss in a future blog post)

Pitfalls of working in the round:

1- Just like knitting once you join your ring you can not untwist it no matter how hard you try. There are ways to “jerry-rig” it but trust me beginners not a good idea.  (However if you do it purposely you can create an infinity cowl or scarf that is oh so chic right now)

2- Counting your stitches- It is always good to count your stitches so that way you do not end up with a cowl with a wide opening and then one you can not get your head through. Again beginners this is a serious warning- so many times we say oh it will work it self out. Do yourself the favor

3- Gauge while worked flat is ever so different when worked in the round so make sure you check your patterns to make sure how they tested their gauge

Great projects to work in the round:

1- Cowls- We like the ones from our summer issue! The Lake Champlain Cowl, Stone Wall Cowl and the Infinite Sunshine Cowl are great suggestions

2- Hats- preemie hats are a great place to start

3- Capelets, ponchos and sweaters- again we recommend The Farmer’s Market Capelet

We would love to hear from you, your stories about working crochet in the round! If we get 5 comments we will post a pattern that is worked in the round for free!

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What are the qualities of a Crochet Hook that make them FAME-ous

Qualities of a Great Hook

          There are so many crochet hooks the process of selection can be daunting. We have decided that for our first issue to review three of our favorite hooks. We have come up with a little acronym that will assist you in identifying a hook that is sure to meet your project needs!

So here is what makes a hook FAME-ous!

Qualities of the perfect crochet hook:

1-    Feel in hand:

If you pick it up and it feels right it probably is

2-    Ability to grab the yarn

Some hooks pick up the yarn just right with every yarn and technique and some are best used for certain applications

3-    Material

Most hook decisions are made here. Some choose based on affordability others convenience some ethical stances

4-    Ergonomics

This term is defined by the ability of the user to use it with comfort and ease. Whether it grabs the yarn easier so you do not have to pull hard or it has a great grip this is a super important feature.

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Crochet Basics- Making a Slip Knot

  1. Make a loop with yarn
  2. Make another loop and put it behind the other so that it makes a pretzel.
  3. Pull on the bottom crossed part of the pretzel to form a loop
  4. Insert hook into loop
  5. Put loop around hook and pull on two pieces of yarn to secure it on your hook